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Innokin EQ Replacement POD (2ml)

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Replacement POD for the Innokin EQ vape kit.

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The 0.5ohm Innokin plexus coil delivers a great hit and an amazing flavour thanks to its new mesh coil. 

REMEMBER - Fill the pod with CBD liquid or vape liquid, allow it at least 5 mintutes to soak before using. Use lightly for the first 10-15 whilst whilst the coil is still fresh to avoid burning. 

Want the perfect setup? Check out the Ultimate CBD vape liquids by clicking HERE 

This device is also suitable with e-liquids however we do ask that you don't use anything higher than 70/30 VG/PG and we are not liable for any damage caused to the device or pod if you are using it with any products that are not bought from Official CBD UK.

Note: This product does not contain nicotine, CBD or THC.

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