Benefits Of CBD For Sports & Legal Issues Explained

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CBD for sports represents a huge trend these days. While part of the same plant as THC (the compound responsible for a psychoactive-high), CBD is mostly used for beneficial purposes. In fact, the WADA has removed it from the list of banned substances since 2018. CBD is primarily based on active cannabinoids with positive effects over the body, hence its popularity in today's sports world.


Whether you opt for capsules, ointments, creams or supplements, CBD is a nutritional supplement that will bring in a range of effects. There are more reasons why athletes love using it, mainly elevated performance. Now, as an athlete, why is CBD such a great choice?


CBD For Sports - Stress


Stress is part of everyone's lives. Businesspeople, parents and workers alike experience it. The same rule applies to athletes. Stress usually occurs before important competitions or games. Training can get quite intense and intense exercise can push athletes to their limits. At some point, athletes are so tired that they can barely train anymore.


CBD For Athletes can come in handy, as the substance can prevent anxiety and stress associated with such problems. Athletes can keep training and improving their craft without affecting their bodies in negative ways. At the same time, CBD can also reduce the production of stress hormones, leading to more efficient workouts.


CBD For Athletes In Pain


Pain is a natural response of the body at times. It normally occurs when athletes train too hard. Even a simple session in the gym can cause various muscular pains. Without proper treatment, muscle strain becomes part of the game and will inevitably have an impact over the upcoming training sessions.


At this point, finding the best CBD products for athletes is a must. You can easily boost the pain threshold, while natural muscular pains and cramps are successfully reduced.


We even stock CBD Infused Sports Drinks!


No More Inflammation?


CBD sports supplements have been proven to provide anti-inflammatory effects and may help with inflammation. Inflammation can occur from multiple sources. When it comes to athletes, exhausting workouts can inevitably lead to an increase in inflammation. Inflammation is painful and can prevent the athlete from performing – be it in another training session or in competition.

Given the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, such supplements are extremely popular these days. While inflammation may still occur, it is mild and the effects are significantly reduced. As a direct consequence, you can prevent injuries and muscular strains in a more efficient manner.

Better Fitness and Endurance

Whether you train in a gym to look better or you want to become a professional athlete, a high level of fitness is mandatory for successful results. The more you train, the better your fitness becomes. But then, there is always room for more and this is when CBD for sports really shines.

Taking CBD supplements on a regular basis will provide the effects you want in this department. Helping boost endurance, so your training sessions can be more intense without experiencing fatigue. At the same time, your overall conditioning will be better. Simply put, your performance can skyrocket in the long run, as you have the opportunity to achieve better results in your training.

Better Immune System

CBD is used with multiple purposes and mostly with recreational purposes – it can help you relax. But on the same note, its benefits affect other systems in your body too. Part of this is the effects on the immune system, many have noted that CBD is likely to improve your immune system and prevent a wide range of affections or illnesses in the long run.

What does a better immune system mean? Common infections should occur less. Whether it comes from a basic inflammation or a cold, you may be able to prevent these problems through the winter or stressful times. Since CBD can reduce stress too, stress-related conditions should improve.

In other words, CBD can help athletes maintain their bodies and maintain a healthy state. Of course these benefits aren’t just strictly for athletes, but for anybody interested in consistent use!

Faster Recovery

CBD for athletes comes with multiple benefits and the potential to speed up recovery is one of them. Any training session will take its toll. Athletes will need to rest for a day or more in order to let the body fully recover. No matter what they train, recovery is essential for growth. Even if you only train in the gym to look better, you still need to give yourself a day or two before training the same muscle group again.

CBD can make all this easier. While you will not recover in miracle time, all the pains associated with the recovery can be dramatically reduced. In other words, you will be able to push yourself to your limits again rather sooner than later. The recovery process should shorten, regardless of what type of CBD supplement you take – droplets and capsules have shown faster effects though when studied.

Better Sleep and Relaxation

While this benefit applies to everyone, CBD is associated with calmness. It can help you relax and fall asleep quicker. If you are the type of person who takes an hour to sleep, CBD can make your life easier. Sleep is critical in the recovery process and professionals recommend eight hours of it for optimum recovery and performance. Especially as athletes, when you train hard you definitely want as much as possible out of your sessions.

CBD may not just help you fall asleep, but it can also help you sleep better. We all feel it sometimes, you get your eight hours of sleep, but you wake up tired. You feel like you barely slept. With CBD, you can benefit from a deeper sleep. You will wake up fully rested and ready to make the most out of your day. Muscle retention and great physical performance are also associated with higher quality sleep.

Potential Higher Muscular Gain

As we’ve said, recovery is the aim of the game when it comes to improving performance, the quicker you can recover and build, the quicker you can get back to executing.

CBD can help athletes with quicker recovery. Anyone who trains regularly will appreciate the effect this would bring to your training regime. 

While the CBD will not affect muscle directly, it can reduce the recovery time, boost it and prevent inflammation. All these benefits will help you train more and more intensively, but they can also help you get back on your feet after a training session in no time.

CBD and The Law

Given the numerous benefits of CBD, the substance has been removed from the WADA list of prohibited substances in 2018. The USADA did the same soon after. It is worth noting that only the CBD has been removed from the list. The psychoactive compound of cannabis – THC – is still banned. The same rule applies to synthetic cannabinoids, which usually mimic the overall effects of THC.


On a different note, WADA has also increased the urinary threshold to 150 nanograms per ML for THC – 10 times more than the previous limit. This update was done to prevent potential issues. For example, CBD products may still have tiny and insignificant amounts of THC. At the same time, casual exposes of THC outside of competitions will no longer expose athletes to potential suspensions.

CBD For Sports Conclude

As a quick conclusion, CBD can bring in a wide variety of beneficial effects. Whether it comes down to the overall performance, the actual results or the recovery times, CBD can help athletes in multiple ways. It can reduce recovery times, prevent injuries, improve sleep and boost overall performance.


On another note, CBD for sports can also help athletes relax and adopt a more positive attitude mentally towards stressful competitions and games. Try it today and see the difference it can make!

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