CBD Isolate: Everything That You Should Know Before Using It In The UK

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With the increasing awareness of the several uses of CBD extracted from hemp plants, the CBD market is witnessing an exponential boom in the UK at the moment. It continues to be in positive, constructive discussions across many fitness, self-improvement and health forums.  

Different CBD products are available such as tinctures, edibles, gels crumbles, wax and the list goes on. However, there is two forms, this non-psychoactive compound is classified into two types namely, full-spectrum and isolate.

CBD isolate is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as it is believed to be more convenient to consume for gaining the desired benefits. If you are planning to use CBD, this post aims to educate you about its basics. Let’s get into it!

Introduction to CBD Isolate

CBD has enjoyed a big run in popularity due to it's wide-ranging benefits

As the name indicates, CBD isolate is a type of CBD that is derived and isolated from hemp. It is CBD in its purest form, which means it consists of 99% pure CBD. In other words, the CBD compound is present in its most concentrated form.

The fact that a CBD isolate is only CBD indicates that there are no THC, wax, oil, chlorophyll or any other hemp plant compounds. Thus, CBD users who are concerned about minimal THC prefer this form of CBD. Most often than not, the packaging of a CBD isolate consists of a label indicating ‘Zero THC’. 

Typically available in the form of crystals or fine white powder, the isolate is odourless as well as tasteless. It is highly versatile, as the users can use it or mix with other CBD products.

The Processing of Making CBD Isolates

The process of CO2 extraction is used to make CBD isolates. First, the full-spectrum CBD oil is derived from hemp. This is full-plant extract and contains other cannabinoids and compounds of the plant in different amounts, including the psychoactive THC.

During the extraction process, the non-toxic CO2 is allowed to cool after which it is pressurised and heated again. The extract is then filtered to remove all the plant components, except for CBD. It is then purified and isolated to retain only CBD in the crystalline form. 

However, this way of extraction can differ from one maker to another. Luckily, you can find the extraction method of most brands, as it is usually specified on the packaging or their official website.

Various ways to extract CBD exist, including using alcohol, rosin press, and butane gas. Of all these methods available the CO2 one is the most effective. As there is no use of extra solvents, the extracted CBD is clean and pure.

Read more on the CBD extraction process.


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Different Forms of CBD Isolate

The CBD isolate provides the following isolate forms: 

  • Slab: This is the resulting product while isolating CBD from the full-spectrum form. It is then processed further to obtain CBD isolate in a powdered form. For use, a slab is split into small pieces. It is preferable for vaping and dabbing due to ease of use.

  • Crystals/Powder: These are the most common forms sold in the market. As the powdered form can be easily added to different eatables, most CBD users prefer it.

  • Terpsolate: An isolate is devoid of other useful cannabis compounds. To offset this, a few brands offer isolates that contain a few hemp-derived terpenes. These are called terpsolates that are aromatic. They are used for dabbing.

  • CBD Isolate Products: Several CBD products contain CBD isolate. In fact, each CBD product has an isolated alternative.

The Benefits of CBD Isolates

Purity and ease of use are the two big benefits of CBD isolate. You can easily portion powder or crystals into everyday food servings. Healthwise, they can trigger the feelings of relaxation and calmness to have a sound sleep. They may also help in regulating stress as well as pain. Above all, isolates eliminate the drawbacks of THC and are more versatile than the hemp oil.

Using CBD in Its Isolate Form

You can use CBD isolates in different ways. The most effective way depends on your desired medium of ingestion. Following are the different ways to use CBD isolates:

  • Placing the powder beneath your tongue for 60 seconds to work like a tincture, which is the easiest way to consume a CBD isolate 

  • Adding it to beverages and drinks such as coffee and smoothies

  • Adding it to food such as salads, sauces and syrups for waffles

According to UK laws, a CBD isolate cannot be made commercially available as a food supplement. They also specify that the daily dose of CBD should be below 200 mg. 

Is It Safe to Use CBD Isolates? Can They Get You High?

A few CBD users may be concerned about the isolates featuring only CBD. This is mainly due to the highest concentration of CBD. However, they are not as frightful as their composition seems to be.

CBD isolates have the same CBD that other CBD forms contain. They are free of terpenes, THC, and other hemp compounds, all of which are there in broad-spectrum products. This indicates that the isolates cannot get you high. After all, THC is completely absent. 

Nevertheless, if you consume high doses, CBD can trigger a feeling of intense relaxation. This is often misunderstood as high. Thus, it is safe to use CBD isolates, provided you use them in the right way and with the prescribed dose.

For more on the safety on CBD see what the BBC has to say

Is CBD Isolate Safe

The safety of CBD is a popular question and people find it has a stellar reputation.

Is It Legal to Use Isolates in the UK?

It is illegal to sell recreational cannabis but making and selling CBD is legal, provided it complies with the laws. THC as the psychoactive cannabinoid that makes one feel high along with several other cannabinoids are controlled substances as per the Misuse of Drugs Act and the Misuse of Drug Regulations Act.

On the other hand, CBD is yet not a controlled substance. As long as it is made from hemp, it is legal to buy and use CBD in the UK.

CBD isolates are made using hemp plants and that they contain no THC. Thus, it is legal to use them for vaping, the most common use, in the UK. However, it is illegal to use them in carrier oils. In short, if a CBD oil product has THC within 0.2% or is free of THC, it is considered legally accepted in the nation. 

CBD Isolate or Full-Spectrum CBD?

Many CBD experts believe that many hemp components, including the other cannabinoids, can be beneficial for health by functioning in synergy with CBD. This is irrespective of their varying levels across the full-spectrum CBD products. 

However, these products are only considered legal in the United Kingdom if their THC content is below 0.2%. Further, the presence of psychoactive THC can be unpleasant for several CBD users, especially those who are employees and need to pass the regular drug screening test. Moreover, there is always a risk of inclusion of synthetic cannabinoids. 

All these risks are not present with CBD isolates. 

Where to Buy CBD Isolate UK Products?

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CBD isolates are ideal for vaping and dabbing. As vaping is the effective bio way to administer CBD, the CBD isolate UK suppliers are ensuring legal provisions.

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