CBD Manufacturers Guide: Choosing The Best One In The UK

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Recently, the demand for CBD has increased rapidly in the UK. The consumers mainly prefer CBD edibles, CBD capsules, CBD tinctures and CBD vape oils. This has resulted in a surge in CBD manufacturers too.

While its market is booming and people are enjoying the various CBD products, the industry is very new due to which people like you and me are still unfamiliar with many brands that are currently emerging.

In this market, finding the best CBD manufacturers offering high-quality CBD products can be confusing and tough. What are the factors for choosing a top manufacturer? 

The fact is that the quality of a CBD product differs from one manufacturer to another. All CBD products are not identical, which indicates that each manufacturer is not offering a quality product.

It is not uncommon for the manufacturers to tout that their CBD products are the most effective. Thus, it is key to do your research and use your due diligence to choose the manufacturer of your choice.

This guide aims to simplify your research by exploring the criteria or factors you need to consider for distinguishing the promising or popular CBD manufacturers or brands in the UK. 

Factors to Consider for Choosing the Best CBD Manufacturers in the UK

Before trusting a manufacturer, it’s imperative to perform thorough research that clarifies all doubts. The main question here is what makes a CBD manufacturer reliable? 

In other words, why would you choose a particular manufacturer over another? To determine this in the UK, you should use the following factors to compare the promising ones:

Legitimate Manufacturing and Hemp Quality

These two factors go hand-in-hand and usually distinguish one manufacturer from another. To assess these two factors, you need to consider getting answers to the following questions:  

From where does the raw hemp come?

A genuine manufacturer will always be transparent about the raw hemp source. Although it seems like a basic question, it is vital for you to know. 

Several CBD makers buy hemp in bulk without checking its source. Similarly, the manufacturers are likely to be unfamiliar with the hemp’s growing conditions. 

So, they may not know whether the hemp is grown organically or not. Being a plant with the adaptive ability to survive well in different climates, hemp does not need chemicals for its growth. However, if the farmers have used pesticides or other chemicals, it will result in consumers ingesting them along with the CBD. 

Thus, the manufacturers should know and ensure that their CBD is coming from organic and natural techniques of farming to lower the risk of consuming chemical deposits. 

They should be directly connected with the cultivators to have an in-depth knowledge of the growth process and hemp quality. This is needed for the manufacturers to ensure top quality for their CBD products. 

Right from growing seeds and going to sale, hemp undergoes different processes such as harvesting, extraction and distribution. Luckily, there are tracking systems to store the data of these processes to reveal the precise history of the product to manufacturers, transporters, processors, and others. 

What about the hemp strains?

The next important factor to consider is the hemp strain used in making each CBD lot. It’s like this:  Consider this analogy; both Dobermann and Dachshund are dogs but both differ massively in terms of growth, behaviour needs and traits. This too applies to different hemp strains. 

Each strain features its distinct growth needs, composition and CBD concentration. Thus, each of them will result in a different type of CBD. For consistency, only a single strain is used for making one lot of CBD.

Is the manufacturing facility high quality?

Hopefully, this isn’t a  shed or someone else’s garage. There should be a real manufacturing facility that is legitimate. Only these manufacturers can be considered reliable.

The CBD market is mainly unregulated, which means that its raw form or oil can be derived from anywhere, without anyone knowing the difference. Thus, it is essential to ensure that the products of a manufacturer are produced in a genuine manufacturing facility.

Manufacturing Standards / Certifications / Licenses

The best manufacturers will have valid manufacturing certifications and proper regulatory licenses despite the CBD industry being unregulated. The licenses may differ from one state to another. Thus, local manufacturers should be thoroughly aware of their licenses.

You should also look for an ISO Lab certification, indicating a quality management system assuring the fulfilment of the requirements of customers and stakeholders while adhering to the regulatory and legal CBD requirements.

It is given to those whose processes, materials, products and services are such that they fulfil the predetermined benchmarks. As of now, a few manufacturers are ISO certified, while the rest are being in the process of obtaining the certification.

The top CBD manufacturers in the UK hold certifications such as Governance and Professional Practice (GPP) and Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) certifications. They are the ones who have gone the extra mile to get these certifications, indicating their commitment to deliver only the best quality.

Independently-tested Products

For you as a consumer, this is a crucial factor. You should buy CBD if a professional and knowledgeable lab has independently issued it and issued a Certificate Of Analysis (COA). This certificate is a lab report showing the product’s contents such as CBD, heavy metals if any, pesticides if left and other tested compounds. 

Thus, through such a report for a CBD product, you know exactly what is inside the product you are buying. This ensures transparency and shows how true the product claims are.

A genuine CBD producer who is concerned about your health and safety will always get every CBD lot tested by an impartial third-party lab and show the reports to you without any hesitation.

If there is no independent lab testing being carried out, no lab name is revealed or there are no reports available, it’s time to look for another manufacturer. It is not uncommon to see CBD oil bottles, which actually have no CBD.

Just imagine: You know the best clothing brands; you know the best grocery brands and you also know the best smartphone brands. Why? This is because you have spent time learning about them through marketing mediums, reviews or cultural inclinations. This is how toyu should approach CBD.

More Positive Customer Reviews

When choosing the best CBD manufacturer, it is wise to consider how the existing customers are rating the manufacturers and their products. They will leave positive reviews if the CBD products are good and the manufacturer is trustworthy. 

Each manufacturer has its pros and cons. While no manufacturer is free of cons, the best or reputable ones will have more positive reviews even though the total number of reviews may be fewer than those of other manufacturers.


If you are interested in consuming CBD, it is important to buy it from the right manufacturer. A manufacturer that knows about the hemp source, runs a legit manufacturing facility, possesses one or more certifications and offers third-party tested CBD.

Enjoy your CBD safely and view our brands for great manufacturers!

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