CBD Spray: 5+ Things To Change Your Perspective

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Let’s be honest, drops aren’t always convenient, you may not vape and you don’t always carry food so what would be the most convenient CBD option? Enter a refreshing CBD spray!

There are several ways to consume CBD, including edibles, tinctures, vapes, oils and creams. What was once consumed mainly by smoking is used even as a pizza topping today by athletes, lawyers, doctors and anyone seeking to improve their health! However, of all the ways of consuming CBD, the spray seems to be the easiest one in the eyes of our customers. 

The world of CBD is progressing with novel ways to make hemp-based consumables. A revolutionary creation is the CBD spray, which achieves two tasks simultaneously: Taking CBD on-the-go and offering a simple, instant dose. This flexible way of consuming CBD is more appealing for those who live a fast-paced life, want instant relief and yet intend to pursue optimal health. 

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s learn more about CBD sprays in this post. It’s Showtime.

Introduction to CBD Sprays

A CBD spray is CBD oil filled in a small bottle that has a spray nozzle. This makes the spray the most convenient way to use CBD easily and on-the-move. Other tincture bottles have a dropper attached, which you have to use correctly and carefully to get the dose you require. Whilst beneficial in its own ways this could potentially be a pain.

However, sprays eliminate this issue through a nozzle that releases a set quantity with each pump. So, you don’t need to measure or dose, simply read the dose per spray on the label and away you go. You only have to point the nozzle in your mouth, spray and then keep the liquid beneath the tongue for up to a minute to allow for optimal absorption. 

Fused with one or more carrier oils, sprays are available in different potencies.

What Makes CBD Sprays Distinct?

The biggest aspect of these sprays that put them above the rest of the CBD products is their versatility. Interestingly, you can use them orally as a tincture and topically on your skin. 

For quick-acting relief, you can spray beneath your tongue. Similarly, for treating a specific area, you spray directly onto the skin and massage. For the latter use, you would want to choose a higher CBD strength. This is because the skin is a physical barrier making CBD absorption slower and somewhat lower.

The next good point is that unlike other CBD products, sprays need no preparation time and that they take effect inside the body quite quickly, Thus, they are ideal for potentially relieving sudden symptoms of mild pain, insomnia, anxiety, sunburns, skin inflammation and joint pain.

Another point is the fact that sprays take their effect quicker than several other CBD products such as gummies and capsules. This is because of their sublingual administration in which several tiny blood vessels in the tongue allow CBD to enter the bloodstream in no time. 

CBD sprays typically have lower potency per serving than other CBD products. Thus, they are ideal for those who require just a small CBD dose to accomplish the desired effects. Even for experienced users, sprays could be a good addition to their CBD supplementation. 

How the CBD Sprays Are Made?

A CBD oil spray is made by turning the CBD extract into an oil. This oil is what you spray. The extract is obtained in the same way as in the case of any other CBD product. It is extracted from the hemp plant after which it is parted and refined.

The process of refinement separates the solid particles and the useful molecules. From here, CBD is added to carrier oils, which are healthy fats that absorb the non-psychoactive compound. A carrier oil is indispensable, as it ensures better absorption in the body, giving you more bang for your buck. 

Most CBD spray suppliers use organic extra-virgin olive oil or MCT oil obtained from organic coconuts. After mixing the CBD with the carrier oil, the makers tend to add flavours, preservatives or sweeteners to give a freshening sensation. 


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CBD oil sprays are either isolates or full-spectrum products. These are the types indicating the product’s ingredients. An isolate spray indicates the presence of pure CBD, while the full-spectrum one means the presence of all hemp compounds including terpenes and THC. 

To abide by UK law, THC levels will be below 0.2%. Choosing a full-spectrum spray allows you to experience the entourage effect of other cannabinoids that gives a potential boosted effectiveness of the product. 

Why Choose a Spray over Other CBD Options?

Sprays are getting increasingly popular. However, should you consider using a spray? Here is why a CBD spray can be an ideal choice for you: 

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to tolerate for people with sensitive appetites, nausea, inability to take pills or digestive disorders

  • Quicker, easier and more efficient absorption than the other forms of CBD ingestion due to more consistency than the standard CBD oils

  • Easier to customise dose by simply changing the number of sprays

How Much Should I Spray?

Well, this depends on a variety of factors and varies from one person to another. Many factors are likely to affect the right strength of CBD for your body to get the desired outcomes. These factors include weight, height, gender, age, the severity of symptoms, medical history and prior CBD experience.

Most manufacturers provide information on the product packaging regarding how to get the ideal dose from CBD sprays. Generally, one to two sprays are considered ideal to start and then wait to observe how it makes you feel prior to spraying more.

As per your desired strength, you may have to do some trial and error by taking several sprays before you come to know the right number of sprays. 

Can CBD Spray Get Me High?

No, if you buy and use non-THC spray or a spray with THC whose content is as per the national regulations. Purchasing a CBD spray that is made using a hemp plant will not give you a high; you should not experience psychoactive effects. 

While THC is present in hemp, it is not in abundance. Thus, it cannot alter the mind. In the UK, you are allowed to use CBD sprays in which THC should not be over 0.2%. This negligible THC quantity was set by UK law to ensure people don’t feel adverse effects.

Is There a Difference between CBD Sprays and CBD Tinctures?

Both these CBD products are easy to use for making your lifestyle potentially more healthy. However, they differ in terms of why and how you use it.

Sprays containing CBD are perfect for those who want a single product for both sublingual and topical use. On the other hand, tinctures containing CBD are more versatile. This is because you can add them to food and get a higher dose.

Although it is easy to use tinctures, a few people may not find them very convenient and a bit earthy. However, this is not the case with sprays, as their mist dissipates quickly.

Wrapping it up

So in short, CBD sprays offer rapid relief and a convenient way to consume CBD, on top of that sprays can just feel cooler to use and the ability to just pop it in a bag and use it before a job interview, after the gym or before bed is priceless.

Enjoy your CBD consumption with a spray or two!

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