CBD Vape Oil: A Master Guide to Vaping CBD in the UK

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The rise of vaping as an alternate to smoking and the tobacco industry in recent years has exploded. Vaping offers a safer, none addictive alternative and with the introduction of CBD vapes, it could even provide health benefits!

So, are you considering CBD vaping? If yes, you will be happy to know that it is legal to do so in the U.K, providing the level of THC in these vaping products is below 0.2%. CBD is extracted from the EU-legalised hemp plants, and that none of these products are promoted with the claim of medicinal benefits.

CBD products have exploded in recent years and they include CBD e-liquids or CBD vape oils, CBD vape additives and CBD oil vapes such as vape pens, mods, portable vaporisers and e-cigarettes. This guide focuses on CBD vape oils and how-to to start vaping CBD.

Introduction to CBD Vape Oils

Meant for vaping, CBD vape oil refers to a vape juice containing CBD without nicotine. A few are pure additives that you can add to your beloved flavours, while the rest are available as a pre-blended fusion. 

Although the term includes the word ‘oil’, the product is truly not an oil. The name is derived from ‘hemp oil’, which is in use for many years. Thus, a more precise term is CBD vape juice or CBD e-liquid. 

It is usually formulated using Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG), which is just as how regular e-juices are made for e-cigarettes. It is also utilised in the same way using a vape pen or vaporiser. 

As CBD does not dissolve in water, PG and VG are the ideal carriers for it, which transform it into a vapour that reaches the lungs. Many CBD vaping oils in the UK are usually flavoured to ensure a better vaping experience.  

To make a CBD vape oil, CBD is obtained from the hemp plant and is mixed with a carrier liquid such as the hemp seed oil. Mostly, it is CBD isolate instead of full-spectrum (containing all other hemp ingredients including trace THC) and broad-spectrum CBD (containing all other hemp ingredients, except for THC).

The resulting CBD has a thick consistency, which is unfavourable for vaping. Thus, other carrier oils such as PG and VG are added to thin it out. It is also common for the CBD vape oil UK producers to include flavours and terpenes to their products.

You then add this finished juice to a disposable cartridge that is attachable to a reusable vape battery from which you can pour it into your preferable vaping device.


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How a CBD Vape Oil Functions? Is It Extremely Effective?

Most CBD products allow CBD to get absorbed via the skin or mouth’s or intestinal tract’s mucous membranes. Upon ingestion, the digestive system breaks down CBD, which is also exposed to the ‘first-pass effect’. 

In this effect, the liver filters CBD out of the bloodstream, which decreases the CBD’s efficiency as well as effectiveness. Further, when entering through the skin, it is not easy to pass through the skin’s top layers. Thus, a small percentage of CBD ends up reaching the circulatory system.

On the other hand, a greater amount of CBD reaches the circulatory system via vaping CBD vape oil. CBD vaping is an efficient technique to deliver CBD to lungs. The inhaled CBD-rich mist directly reaches the lungs. 

As this important respiratory organ has countless blood vessels in close proximity to its surface, a huge percentage of the huffed CBD quickly reaches the bloodstream where it gets absorbed. The CBD vape oil ensures that the non-psychoactive compound is quickly absorbed into the circulatory system so that the desired effects are triggered. 

The absorption rate of CBD can be as high as 56% while vaping CBD vape oil. This product accelerates the onset of CBD due to which the effects are experienced quickly within five minutes of vaping. This is unlike the 40 minutes taken for the ingested or dermally-instilled CBD to show the same effects. 

Thus, vaping CBD vape oil is a highly efficient way to get the benefits of CBD. 

Overview of CBD Oil Vapes

Different types of CBD oil vapes are available, which are as follows:

  • Vape Pens and Vaporisers: They come with a rechargeable battery that is affixed to a cartridge. Pens are compact, portable and discreet. Although vaporisers are available in various sizes and shapes, they are still compact and discreet to go inside your pocket. The CBD vape oil is available either in the disposable cartridge or in a refillable cartridge inside a pen or vaporiser. You are better off with the latter option if you'd love to try different CBD vape oils.

  • Mods: They come with a much bigger rechargeable battery than the pens or vaporisers. There is also a larger tank at the top wherein you can pour your CBD vape oil. The puffs you get from a CBD mod are likely to be more potent than those from the other vapes. 

How to Use CBD Vape Oil?

The first thing that you should know before vaping CBD is that CBD vape oil and CBD oil are two different products. So, vape CBD vape oil, not CBD oil!

If you vape CBD oil, you will be prone to a few side effects such as damaged vape device, smoke-like effects as if you are inhaling the mist of burning oil and coughing. CBD oil is genuinely an oil that will not vaporise as CBD vape oil.

For vaping with vape oil, you can either buy CBD isolate to create your vape oil by mixing it with PG and VG or directly buy a CBD vape oil. Then, you need to invest in a vape device, such as a mod or a pen.

Although most devices work well with CBD vape oils, you may opt for a CBD pen specifically made for optimising the flavour while reducing the use of the CBD e-liquid. You now have the liquid and the device. What to do next? Here are the simple steps:

  1. Fill the top part of the device with your vape juice.
  2. Wait for up to five minutes so that the juice is well-soaked by the coil’s cotton wool in the device. This coil is made with a wire heating coil edged by cotton wool. Do not start vaping without waiting or you will have to experience the vapours of burnt cotton wool (yummy right?).
  3. Turn ON the device and inhale via the device’s mouthpiece. 
  4. Take one puff and let the vapour in your lungs be there for a few seconds. This gives time for the CBD to reach the circulatory system to trigger its health benefits.
  5. Finally, exhale. 
  6. Take two to three puffs if you are a beginner and experience how you feel after 5-10 minutes. 
  7. Go for more puffs if the desired effects are not felt. 


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The Benefits of Vaping CBD Vape Oils

You must be thinking why to choose CBD vape oil when there are so options to take CBD. Well, here are the reasons to do so, apart from the CBD benefits:

  • Ease of use with just the liquid and vape device

  • Quickly acting, as no processing of CBD is required through the liver, making it ideal for those with sudden anxiety or pain

  • Great taste when flavoured with natural ingredients such as orange and mint, which appeals to those who are still getting accustomed to the earthly hemp flavour

If you want an instant and portable CBD treatment, vaping via vape oil is ideal. 

How Much CBD Oil Is OK for Vaping?

Let’s be practical here: Go for the amount that feels right for your body. A few consumers will find that some drops of vape liquid are fine for experiencing the benefits. For others, a larger dose is needed for these same outcomes. 

For instance, if there is 30 mg of CBD per 1 ml of vape oil, the dose can be 1 mg of CBD every 5 puffs through the pen. However, this varies as per the vapour volume you inhale, vape device type, and the chosen power level on the device.

Well, trial and error is the ideal way to get started and work up to know the perfect dose. You may also feel like decreasing the intake after a few days because of excess relaxation (trust me, its a thing!)

It is wise not to begin with a dose that is high for your body. Start low and then go high gradually to reach your sweet spot.

Will Vape Oil Get Me High?

No, as CBD is non-additive and non-intoxicating despite having THC that is legally approved to be below 0.2%. 

So now you have a health-boosting alternate to smoking and a great emergency relaxation supplement! Try from our range of CBD Vape Liquids to experience the benefits!

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