​How Long Does CBD Oil Last In Body?

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CBD oil is one of the ultimate trends in today's health industry. Not only can it be found to help you relax and unwind when stressed, but it can also help against issues like insomnia, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and inflammation or diseases like cancer or diabetes. 

How long does it take CBD oil to kick in? 

Anywhere between a few minutes and a couple of hours depending on administration (vaping is quickest). How long does CBD oil last in the body? This answer varies widely based on more factors.


How long does CBD oil last in the body?


It is hard to come up with a specific answer that applies to everyone. This is because there are a range of factors that will influence the answer. Also, there are a few individual particularities affecting each individual, think age, weight, gender etc. Two people may have the same dose at the same time – one of them will get rid of CBD much faster than the other. This is perfectly normal and this rule applies to every other substance out there.


While this is not a general rule, CBD oil will usually leave your body within two to five days. An active and healthy body will get rid of it after a couple of days. Most people will take more than that though – up to five days. Then, there are people who will need more than five days. Believe it or not, some patients may need weeks to get rid of every trace of CBD in their bodies. Now, what factors influence the elimination process and how?


What product you use


There are more types of CBD products out there. They are split into a few categories, based on the application method. Basically, there are more ways to get CBD and each of them will affect the elimination process


Creams and lotions are applied topically. They are more efficient when used against pains and inflammation, rather than stress and headaches. Effects are pretty quick, but at the same time, due to the mechanisms of absorption, topical application CBD can take longer to get out of the body.


Capsules and pills are relatively fast – anywhere between half an hour and two hours to fully kick in. The same rule applies to edibles. This method gets out of the body relatively fast because of your digestive system.


Vaping gives you an almost instant hit. Whether you want CBD oil for anxiety or you vape it for stress, you will get results within a minute or two. This method also ensures the CBD gets out of your system fairly fast. However, the effects are not very long-lasting.


The same rule applies to the sublingual administration. You basically take the CBD oil effects by applying some of it under your tongue. One of the quickest ways to administer and excrete CBD.


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What dosage you use


It is the same with any substance, be it taking aspirin or eating meat. The more of it you have, the longer it will take to excrete. Get a small dose and CBD could be out of your system within a day or two. Get a large dose and you may have to wait for more than a few days.


If the dose is too conservative, you are less likely to actually experience the beneficial effects. This is why most people start with a small to medium dose, then adjust it from there.


How often you take it


Just like other substances, CBD will build up in your body. Take it every now and then to relieve stress or unwind after a long day at work and you will be able to lose it within a few days. Take it on a daily basis for various treatments or against particular conditions and it will build up – you may need more than a week for the substance to leave your body.


Some people can take it on occasion and get the benefit (relaxation, pain-relief etc.), but for situations like fighting anxiety or insomnia, you will need to take CBD for a week or two in order to notice its beneficial effects.


If you use it regularly, it will clear your system slower.


What your diet is like


Your diet plays a significant role when taking CBD. It will affect how quickly it kicks in, for instance. If you have CBD on an empty stomach, its effects will kick in faster. At the same time, it will also clear much faster. If you eat healthy food – rather than fat or junk food, the CBD will leave your body faster. The same rule applies if you have proper dietary habits – regular meals, active lifestyle and so on.


Your unique body


This is probably what makes the question – how long does CBD oil last in the body – so difficult. Everyone is unique. People have their own particularities. Some people have a super-fast metabolism and digestion is a matter of hours. Some others have a slow metabolism that underlines a series of problems. For example, some people can metabolise coffee quickly and after a few hours feel back (or close) to baseline, others metabolise it slowly and a cup in the morning can have them anxious and stimulated in the evening.


Your weight and height are just as important – even the gender can make the difference. Water retention, body composition etc. All these things influence the excretion rate. 


Will CBD show up on a drug test?


This is the main reason why somebody would be concerned. The good news is CBD will not show up on a drug test, but THC will. THC is psychoactive and can give you a high. CBD will not (please check with any drug testing bodies their status on CBD, it’s typically allowed, yet we take no responsibility). Now, there are more types of CBD out there and buying the right one will ensure you get what you want from the product:


· Full spectrum CBD – this option brings in all the other natural compounds available in the plant. While CBD is there as well, you will also have THC (less than 0.2% in the UK), which is psychoactive and will show up on a drug test.

· Broad-spectrum CBD – this option is similar to the full-spectrum alternative. However, the amounts of THC are unnoticeable. Tests might be able to detect broad-spectrum CBD, despite the product going through a procedure to clear out the THC.

· CBD isolate – this is what you want to ensure you are in full control of yourself and drug tests will never detect any THC. You have nothing but CBD, which is totally safe and legal.


On another note, get hemp-derived CBD instead of marijuana-derived CBD. Hemp-derived CBD comes with a legal requirement that will ease your experience – it must have less than 0.2% THC. Double-check the label.


While you can save some money with a cheap product, a quality one from a reputable brand will ensure you get the right concentration of CBD and no THC whatsoever. It is the safe and cost-efficient method to get CBD.




So, how long does CBD oil last in body? Most people will be able to eliminate CBD within two to five days based on the factors mentioned above. Some people may take longer to do it. The good news is that CBD is not psychoactive, will not show up on drug tests and will not compromise you – as long as you make sure you invest in a high-quality product.

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