​How To Make CBD Oil – Things You Need, Steps & A Popular Recipe

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If you are new to CBD – industry, chances are a bit of research will give you some good info on high quality products. If you are already used to this industry, you probably know what to look for in high quality CBD oils or other similar products. But no matter how good these products are, chances are you will save much more money (and have more fun!)if you learn how to make CBD oil yourself.


CBD is a component of cannabis. It is so popular because of the wide variety of benefits it comes with. It has anti-inflammatory properties, but it can also be used against pains, depression, anxiety, insomnia, bad moods, nausea, muscular spasms, seizures and even cancer – just to name some of its potential benefits.


There are plenty of CBD oil products out there, but finding the best one could be a bit challenging. You want purity, as well as quality and great value for money. Unless you buy from a reputable brand with a top notch reputation, making the difference between quality and junk could be an overwhelming experience.


Here comes the good news – skip the guesswork and find out how to make CBD edibles and other similar products yourself. This way, you know precisely what goes into your products. You know exactly what the dosage and concentration is too. Furthermore, you can adjust the recipe in order to come up with something suitable for your needs.


Take it easy though – don’t try to be Walter white. It does, indeed, sound a little complicated, but you can still make your own oil without too much hassle. Here is how!


How to make CBD oil – Things you will need


Generally speaking, there are two ingredients you will need to learn how to make CBD oil:


·         A carrier oil

·         High quality hemp


Things could be a bit confusing when ordering hemp flowers. You need them to be high in CBD for a quality result. You might be able to find some locally, but you can also order online. They will have to go through a specific process however – you can do it yourself and you will find more details about it later on in this post


There are various strains of CBD flower out there, depending on the dosage and concentration you want will affect which flower and strength you’ll want to purchase.


As a general rule of thumb, the hemp flower will not intoxicate you. The THC content is insignificant – almost impossible to detect. Therefore, hemp plants and flowers are perfectly legal. You can find them locally, but you will never know the CBD concentration. Instead, it is better to order online from a shop that is specialised in such things. Opt for organically grown hemp – laboratory tests represent a plus too.

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How to activate the CBD


Activating the CBD is the most difficult part, but it is still relatively simple, so there is not much to be concerned about. You have to extract the cannabidiol from your hemp. Then, you need to activate it – the procedure is referred to as decarboxylation. You need to go through these steps because initially, the cannabis compounds are not fully active. The activation occurs through heat, hence the popularity of this plant among smokers.


Smoking is not the only way to do it – nothing to be concerned about if you are not a smoker. You can simply bake the flowers in your slow oven – do it for 45 to 75 minutes at 149C. You can also rely on a slow cooker. Such options are cheap and do not really involve any separate purchases, but they are not 100% precise and some of the CBD may remain unactivated.


A precision cooker or oven is the way to go then. Why? Easy – it can reach and maintain the perfect temperature to activate the CBD. You may have to purchase the precision cooker yourself, but the final result will be totally worth it – especially if intend to take CBD for long periods of time.


Precision cookers are also referred to as decarboxylators. Do not invest in a large unit – those are mostly suitable for commercial manufacturers that deal with pounds of cannabis at a time. 


It is worth noting this process could work when you want to make your own CBD vape juice, but it is not so suitable if you want to make CBD gummies, as the process is more complicated.


Choosing the optimal carrier oil


The carrier oil is not useful when learning how to make CBD oil only, but for pretty much any type of herbal infusion. There are more options out there. Their primary role is to make the infusion accessible to be absorbed, rather than enhance its properties or add to its efficiency.


Coconut oil is one of the most popular options. It is used for homemade products, but it is also common among major manufacturers.


Extra virgin olive oil also makes a good choice. It also has some extra beneficial properties – it is rich in antioxidants. While research studies are limited, extra virgin olive oil is also said to be more efficient when it comes to extracting the useful compounds from plants.

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Recipe to make your own CBD oil


There are more recipes to make your own CBD oil out there, but generally speaking, keeping it simple will help in the long run. Here is what you will need for this recipe:


·         5 grams of hemp flowers rich in CBD

·         ¾ a cup of extra virgin olive oil

·         ¼ a teaspoon of mint extract if you want some flavoring – not mandatory though


Throw the hemp flower inside the precision cooker and take it to about 280 degrees Fahrenheit. Let the unit run a full cycle and cool down – usually half an hour after the cycle is over.


Pour all the oil over the flowers, then seal the recipient. Find the mode to activate the infusion mode and run another cycle.


Let the precision cooker cool down, then remove the oil and run it through a sieve.


Add the mint by simply stirring the extract in.


Once done, you can keep it at the room temperature for a couple of months – no direct sunlight or heat.


If you do not have a precision cooker, you can just bake the hemp flower at 280 degrees foran hour. Once done, transfer it into a pan or a pot, add the oil in and allow the infusion to mix for a couple of hours at the lowest setting. While baking flower is not as efficient as using a precision cooker, it can still provide a decent CBD oil.


Helpful tips and tricks


Most importantly, opt for high CBD cannabis strains. The more CBD they have, the more successful and concentrated your oil will be. Keep in mind that your product is only as good as the ingredients you use in the recipe.


Precision is not critical, but it will make the difference. This is why many professionals rely on precision cookers. Such machines are consistent and can extract as much CBD as possible from your plants.


Flavorings are suitable if you want a bit of aroma in your CBD oil. Mint is the most common option, but citrus extracts are just as handy, not to mention vanilla. It is only a matter of personal preferences. If you want to use CBD oil in your cooking recipes, you can forget about the flavorings.


Pretty much any oil will work, but some options are better than others. Extra virgin olive oil is one of the best options, but you can also use butter, avocado oil or coconut oil. Even classic cooking oil will work, but you want something healthy to actually benefit from.


Finally, if you are into herbal infusion, you probably know already they require proper storage for maintenance and durability. Anything involving coconut or olive oil should be kept in a dark cupboard, away from direct sunlight and heat.


Final words


Bottom line, making your own CBD oil is not as difficult as it may seem, is it? You do not require any chemical research or education, just like you do not require any sophisticated instruments either. While you may enjoy the idea of feeling like the guy from Breaking Bad, none of those chemical reactions will be required to make your own CBD oil.


Learning how to make CBD oil yourself comes with a bunch of benefits too. Not only do you know precisely what goes into your product, but you can also make slight adjustments here and there to ensure it meets your needs and expectations. The whole manufacturing process barely takes a couple of hours.

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