Understanding The Effects Of CBD For Pets – Full List Of Benefits Explained

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Understanding The Effects Of CBD For Pets – Full List Of Benefits Explained


CBD is a compound picking up heat with a bit of confusion – often associated with marijuana and seen as taboo, it is perfectly legal to purchase & consume. There are more compounds in the plant than just THC, which is the one responsible for the high – the illegal compound in most countries. CBD is a healthy compound being enjoyed around the world and it can bring in a whole range of benefits. However, CBD for pets is a murky area for some so requires a bit of research from your side – should you actually give your pet CBD?

Time to find out! By OfficialCBDUK.com


The good news is that unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, so your pet will not get high from it. It is not toxic and it is not capable of leading to an overdose. Understanding how CBD interacts with your pet's body will help you make a more informed decision. Besides, you may want to know more about the benefits associated with this compound for your own use.

How CBD for pets interacts with your pet’s body

CBD interacts with your pet's body through the ECS (endocannabinoid system). The ECS is practically a biological system. All mammals have it, including us humans. It’s involved with a range of body processes, such as the immune system, sleep or even memory – among many others.


There are two different types CBD receptors, which are naturally built to deal with cannabinoids produced by the brain in a natural manner. On the same note, these receptors will also interact with cannabinoids taken from external sources – such as CBD.


Some of the reactions triggered are extremely beneficial. Similar effects are triggered in more mammals. For instance, CBD has similar effects in humans, dogs, cats and other animals. This is because all mammals have an Endocannabinoid System.


Now that you understand how the CBD interacts with your pet's body, here are some of the reactions triggered in the body of mammals. All of these effects can be beneficial and can boost your pet's performance and health, hence the popularity of CBD oil for dogs and cats.



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No more anxiety


Anxiety can occur from multiple causes (think fireworks). For example, some pets are naturally anxious if they have had past traumas. If you have a rescue pet, it’s very possible they had a hard life before getting to you, hence its continuous anxiety – even towards you!

Other than that, pets can experience separation anxiety when you leave the house, whether you go to work or out for lunch. CBD for pets will help your furry friend forget about this anxiety and feel calmer when you leave. On the other hand, you will also feel better knowing that your pet is no longer stressed without you.


Reduce inflammation


CBD oil has been shown to reduce inflammation in people and the same biological pathways via which this occurs can be found in pets. For example, CBD for dogs or cats can have similar effects.


Some pets could get inflammation after an injury or surgery. Others are simply old and they experience inflammation as the direct consequence of ageing, they may not run as much or walk as freely. Autoimmune diseases also lead to inflammation. Even if your pet has a disease that cannot be healed, at least you can relieve the pains and reduce the symptoms.


Healthy appetite


CBD can promote a healthy appetite. If your pet is overweight and could do with a diet, CBD could reduce the appetite and help your furry friend get back in shape. If your pet barely eats, CBD can increase the appetite. The pathway of which this occurs is not yet understood.


Simply put, CBD for pets is not about a higher or lower appetite, but about regulating healthier eating habits and hormonal systems. As a direct result, it can also prevent issues associated with a poor appetite, whether it comes with discomfort, vomiting or nausea.


At the same time, CBD can prevent nausea caused by various issues – such as illnesses or medications.


No psychoactive effects


While it comes from the same plant as the THC, CBD is not psychoactive. This is one of the best parts about it. You do not have to get high in order to gain its benefits – the same rule applies to your pet. Your pet will not feel spaced, experience euphoria or act funny. In fact, you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference in terms of behavioural issues.


Your pet's consciousness will not be affected, so your little friend will not feel intoxicated. Instead, the CBD promotes calmness and relaxation, so your pet will be super chilled (hopefully, we know how crazy some can get)


CBD against cancer


Cancer is sadly, one of the most common diseases these days and has multiple causes. All in all, CBD as well as other cannabinoids have shown promising results to fight against it. 


We would also note we are not physicians or doctors so please consult professional help before ever trying a supplement to aid against a disease.

CBD For Pets

CBD is non-psychoactive - Your pet's behaviour should remain unchanged!


Pain relief


Pain relief is a big goal for pet owners whose pets are suffering. Oils and other supplements can be given to pets suffering from longterm affections – such as arthritis, as well as pets that have just been injured. The supplement is just as handy for pets undergoing surgery or other procedures, it may just get them out of the cone of shame quicker!


The worst part about pets is that they cannot communicate where their pain comes from. Sure, you can touch various parts of their bodies and figure out yourself. But generally speaking, CBD is great when your pet shows signs of discomfort. It can decrease the pain and reduce inflammation, which will give your best friend relief.


Seizure control


Around 5% of all dogs end up suffering from epilepsy. The condition is not that common in cats – only 2% of them have it. There are various treatments for it. They can reduce seizures and keep them under control. But on the same note, medications can come with multiple side effects – most of them affect the cardiovascular and digestive systems.


CBD is a natural treatment that can have similar effects – without unwanted side effects. It is natural and non-toxic, which means it does not bring in the adverse reactions. It can also help your pet control seizures, reduce their intensity and frequency. When administered on a regular basis, seizures could become history for your pet!


Perfectly legal


This benefit applies to everyone and not just pets. CBD Is 100% legal. It is the THC that makes cannabis illegal, but CBD is legal. This is why you can find it everywhere – electronic cigarette stores, supplement stores, pet shops and so on.


Since CBD is not psychoactive, it’s not illegal. In fact, it is so widely appreciated that even athletes and sportspeople can take it without worrying about suspensions.

What CBD supplement to get for your pet

There are various types of CBD for pets out there. Some of them are more efficient than others due to the higher or faster absorption rate. However, some pets may hate capsules, while others dislike oils, if you could know what you’re pet can tolerate feel free to shop our range!


Generally speaking, oils and tinctures represent the most efficient options for pets. Even if the dosage is the same, oils are simply better than capsules or tablets. The reason behind it is fairly simple – oil is easier to dose than an edible supplement.


Just like in humans, edible supplements based around CBD may have more intense effects than oils and tinctures. This is because getting the right dose is a bit more difficult. You cannot see the CBD, so you have no idea how much to take. On the other hand, tinctures are more precise in measurement, so you can give your pet exactly what it needs.


CBD oils and tinctures are applied locally and can have super-fast results. Even when it comes to edibles, there is no toxicity in CBD, so there is no such thing as an overdose. 


That’s CBD For Pets!


As a short final conclusion, it is easy to tell why there are so many CBD supplements for pets out there. We suggest you research the right dosage for your pet and then choose from our wide range.


Every pet is different, but using a harmless natural compound to experiment if you can give your pet relief is a safe move. Choosing the right CBD for your pet may vary from case to case, but either way, we’ll stock what you need.

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