Ultimate CBD Vape Juice (10ml)

Ultimate CBD is a British made product that combines fully tested and organic pure CBD isolate with mouth-watering flavours to ensure that you have the best tasting vape with the most effective results. 

Ultimate CBD Vape Juice (10ml)


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Ultimate CBD is created in one of the UK's most cutting edge and technologically advanced manufacturing facilities to ensure that you're getting the highest quality and safest product. Made in the UK, our aim is to offer you a great tasting CBD vape juice at a really affordable price. Available in 5 popular flavours from the Ultimate eliquid range, we're certain that you won't be disappointed!

This product is designed to be compatible with most electronic cigarette devices to ensure that it accommodates a wide range of users.  

Why choose Ultimate CBD Vape?

Ultimate CBD Vape liquids are produced to the highest quality to ensure that the product you are using delivers the best taste with the most effective results, whilst being a safe and consistent product. Our Ultimate CBD vape liquids are manufactured to the highest standards in a clean room environment using organic, non GMO hemp, here in the UK. Our Ultimate CBD vape liquids undergo a process called homogenisation and by using this method we can ensure consistency throughout the product with cannabinoid deviation under 1.5% - we are yet to find another UK manufacturer that uses this technique. The majority of other companies use hot baths and magnetic stirrers to blend their vape liquids, this can cause a cannabinoid deviation of up to 60% as well as decreasing the shelf-life date and the effectiveness of the CBD! 

With us offering this cutting edge manufacturing method you can put your mind at ease by knowing that the Ultimate CBD vape products you are using are world class and a cut above the rest!  

Product information

50:50 VG/PG

Shake the bottle well before filling your tank.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring molecule found in the cannabis plant.

Extracted using a super critical CO2 extraction method

Manufactured in a ISO Class 7 clean room

Derived from European hemp 

Homogenised for quality and consistency


Shake well before each use

Store in a cool, dry place avoiding direct sunlight


Vegatable Glycerin (VG)

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Natural Flavourings

Organic CBD (Cannabidiol) 

Note: This product contains no more than 0.2% THC.

Heizen flavouring contains anethole & eucalyptol

Double Menthol flavouring contains L-carvone

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