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500mg LoveCBD MCT Spray (20ml)


Simple and natural, this LoveCBD spray contains 500mg of CBD and is mixed with MCT oil which is considered to be great at absorbing cannabinoids and has a mild taste.



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Made with the finest high CBD hemp plants and mixed with MCT oil (from coconut oil), this product is regarded as one of the best and most effective CBD products on the market. Also, this product comes with a spray bottle rather than a glass dropper (pipette) which makes taking CBD oil very easy, mess free and you can get an accurate consistant dose each time! 


Hemp Oil


Useful information 

There is approximately 0.16ml of liquid per spray which qives the user roughly 4mg of CBD per spray. 

It is recommended that you use 1-2 sprays daily and you should leave the oil under the tongue to soak before swallowing with water. These are just our suggestions and you should use as much or as little as you see necessary.

TIP: The longer you leave the oil to soak under the tongue the better.

This product is not intended to be smoked or vaporised. It is for oral use only.

Note: These products contain no more than 0.2% THC.

Please store this product in a cool, dark place avoiding any direct sunlight.

This product is vegan and lactose friendly.

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