Pro Vibe 20% CBD Distillate Vape Kit

100% natural high strength CBD vape carts including a battery and charger.

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Pro Vibe 20% CBD Distillate Vape Kit


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Kit contents

1 x Pro Vibe 20% cbd 0.5ml distillate vape cart

1 x 650mAh battery

1 x USB charger

How to use

Simply remove the vape cart from the packaging and screw onto the supplied battery but do not over-tighten, finger-tight is fine.

To turn the battery on and off you must click the button 5 times in quick succession. When the device is not being used you should make sure it's turned off.

When the vape cart is empty, simply unscrew the tank and replace with a fresh Pro Vibe vape cart.

Pro Vibe vape cart info

Say hello to your new favourite CBD vape product. 

The Pro Vibe CBD distillate vape carts are made from 100% natural ingredients and are proudly made in the UK.

Each vape cart contains 0.5ml of broad spectrum disillate which consists of a minimum of 100mg of CBD (20% strength minimum) and you have the choice of 3 amazing flavours, Gelato, Gorilla Glue and Pineapple Express, which have all been created using strain specific terpenes.

These vape carts are 100% vegan friendly and are compatible with the majority of vape batteries and mods.

What makes Pro Vibe better than the rest?

Not only are these vape carts vegan friendly and 100% natural but they are also made using strain specific terpenes. What does this mean? Well, unlike most other cbd vape products, the terpenes used in these carts (terpenes are what gives a cannabis plant its smell and taste) are taken directly from the actually strain of cannabis plant and are not made synthetically like most other brands do. So this means that if you choose to buy a Gelato Pro Vibe vape cart, for example, the flavours and smells that you experience are the actual flavours/smells you would get from a Gelato strain of cannabis. Most other brands would simply use terpenes from all different plants in order to sythetically create the taste of Gelato whereas our carts are the real deal! 

These Pro Vibe cbd vape carts are made to the highest standards. No corners have been cut in order to create this product, it is completely natural and clean, the only ingredients in our carts are broad spectrum distillate and strain derived terpenes, that's it! You will not find any PG, PEG, VG, MCT oil or any other ingredients in these vape carts. Clean, simple and effective!


- Broad spectrum hemp extract containing a minimum of 20% CBD.

- Strain derived terpenes


Do not over-tighten the vape cart when attaching it to your battery, finger-tight will do.

Do not use the vape cart over 12 Watts (4.2 Volts) as you may prematurely burn out the coil.

Do not remove the oil from the cart and do not ingest.

Please store in a cool, dark place avoiding any direct sunlight.

This product contains no more than 0.2% THC.

For more safety information and best before dates, see the product insert inside the packaging or contact us to learn more.

Please Note: Colour of mouthpiece may vary.

Pro Vibe

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