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Innokin EQ POD System Vape Kit

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The EQ is an all in one 'pod' system from Innokin. The new 0.5ohm plexus coil and refillable 2ml pod gives the user a perfect combination of an amazing taste and a super convenient device that you wont be disappointed in. 

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Perfect for on the go use or for use at home, the Innokin EQ pod device is perfect for CBD vape products. Whether you're using isolate or full spectrum products, the 0.5ohm plexus coil matched with the 13.5w/15.5w power output ensures that you get a nice smooth vape and an amazing taste! 

The EQ has two power modes 13.5 watts (standard) and 15.5 watts (boost mode). The pod itself is really easy to operate, just simply remove it from the device, flip the pod upside down and turn the base to expose the two filling holes. The device also comes with a hygiene cap which clips onto the pod so your mouthpiece and coil are protected from any dirt or debris that you may pickup when keeping the device in your pocket or bag. The device has a built-in, rechargeable 800mAh lithium battery and a micro usb charging port at the bottom of the device.

This device is also suitable with e-liquids however we do ask that you don't use anything higher than 70/30 VG/PG and we are not liable for any damage caused to the device or pod if you are using it with any products that are not bought from Official CBD UK. 

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How to use

- Open the packaging and read the safety & warning instructions and battery care guide before operating

- Remove the pod from the device

- Flip the pod upside down and twist the base of the pod to expose the two filling holes

- Fill your pod with your chosen CBD vape liquid by filling the two holes bit by bit until the pod is full or fill one side, wait for it to drain into the next chamber and keep doing this until the pod is full

- WAIT for at least 5 minutes for the coil in the pod to fully absorb the liquid (Only when the pod is brand new, you don't need to do this every time you fill it)

- Place the pod back into the device

- Turn the device on by quickly clicking the button 3 times (button will flash when it's turning on)

- Once the device is turned on and the pod has been soak, press and hold the power button whilst inhaling to use the device.

- Turn the device off when it's not being used (3 clicks in quick succession)

- DO NOT leave the device on charge over night or all through the day. Remove from charge when the button is illuminated with a white light. Button will be illuminated red when the device is charging. You should never leave the device unattended when it is charging. 

Boost Mode

- Power off the device (3 clicks in quick succession)

- Hold power button for 3 seconds. The LED in the button will indicate current mode (white = standard, red = boost)

- Hold or click the button to switch between the two modes

- Wait for the light in the button to power off and enjoy! 

Kit contains

- Innokin EQ Device

- Innokin EQ Pod

- Micro USB charging lead

- Saftey and warranty information

- User manual


The pod will need to be replaced when the coil is burnt out. You can notice this if you are getting a burnt taste or if your liquid is starting to lose taste. Do not use when the pod is burnt out and you should replace it as soon as possible. 

Note: This product does not contain any nicotine, CBD or THC.

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