Xmax Vital Vaporizer

The Vital by Xmax is an entry level vaporizer with some awesome features! 

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Xmax Vital Vaporizer


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At an amazing price, the Xmax Vital is a must have for any vaping enthusiast who's looking for an entry level dry herb vaporizer.

It has a built in 2600mAh battery which will keep you satisfied for a few sittings before it needs charging and the sleek design coupled with a lovely matte finish means that this devices sits nicely in your hand and can be transported in your pocket or small bag with ease. 

To use the device, remove the plastic mouthpiece and fill the chamber with your ground herb. Do not over pack the chamber or pack it down to tightly as this will effect the airflow. Once filled, hold the on/off button for 3 seconds and the device will turn on and start to heat up. You can adjust the temperature of the device to suit your needs by using the + and - buttons. Once the little coffee cup on the display stops flashing, you can then start vaping. 

Please remember that herbal vaporizers like the Xmax Starry and Xmax Vital offer a different and unique smoking experience. You should take your time when getting used to a new device/smoking method and rather than smoking this like you would with any conventional smoking method, you should allow the device to heat up to the desired temperature and then take long, slow inhales to allow the heat to pass through the contents of the chamber. Once you have inhaled the vapour, hold it in your lungs for a good few seconds before exhaling. Also, as the vaporizers we stock DO NOT combust anything in the chamber, you should not expect to see a big cloud of vapour, remember, this isn't the same as other conventional smoking methods.

If you inhale too hard then this may result in some of the contents inside the chamber sticking to the filter on the underside of the mouth piece so it's good practice to just take the mouthpiece off every could of minutes and remove any unwanted material that maybe stuck to the filter and blocking the air holes.

What's in the box?

Xmax Vital vaporizer

Cleaning brush


Packing tool

USB charging cable

Replacement o-ring

Spare filter screens

Note: These products DO NOT contain any CBD, nicotine or illegal/harmful substances.